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Rest your hunger in Bangalore’s Military Hotels

Military hotels are a large number of restaurants and eateries located in different parts of Bangalore. These hotels in Bangalore serve mainly non-vegetarian foods, but they generally don’t serve beef and pork. It is not clear as to the exact reason for this name, however there are certain explanations. According to artist and art historian Suresh […]

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In India, we consider food as a much more than the basic necessity of life. We consider it to be a blessing from the God and our elders. This is the reason, why having food is a kind of ceremonious to us. We always prefer to sit down in a relaxed mood with our family […]

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Why do Indians prefer hands over cutlery while eating


Dining etiquette in India is quite different than Western countries. Here it is considered proper Indian etiquette to eat with your hands; this is how the majority of the Indian people eat. It is tradition and part of the Indian culture; it is also an accepted part of Indian etiquette. Although, people mostly prefer cutlery […]

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Trip on food Blog

Why do you need Food Tour? We all love to visit new places, know about its tradition, learn about the culture, relive the history and cherish the secret that it holds. Well, what better way is there to know about a place than through its food? We are not talking about the 5 star hotels [...]
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