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Biryani at the Akhada

Bangalore, Karnataka, India Akhadas, or the Indian wrestling grounds are places where the players practice their game. The Kalebhais Akhada in Shivajinagar has a history of more than 80 years. Every Friday they serve the Bangalore style biryani along with mutton phal, Shammi Kabab, koftey & fish fry. The ambiance is more like a dhaba, […]

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Dastarkhawan: A Muslim fine-dining experience

The word Dastarkhawan, whose origins trace to Central Asian and Middle East, denotes the traditional eating area where Indian Muslims have their food. It may in a broad sense include the tablecloth on which the food is laid out on. A Dastarkhawan may be spread on the table or the floor of a home or in an open area. The food on […]

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